I often get asked why we spell MyyTake with two Ys, and to that my answer is very simple  – it is My Youth’s Take, the second Y represents the youth!

The idea of MyyTake came to me when I was working as a Venture Capitalist in a leading VC firm. Technology is a huge enabler. It has made our lives simpler and has solved many problems for humankind. As investors, we always looked for ideas that are scalable and products which can be a good market fit. Yet, I felt that the youth of the country is still majorly underserved. Having worked in leadership positions in the media and entertainment industry, I realized that the transmission of information is still one-sided. There are many apps and websites for the youth from where they can snack information, but there is no platform or mechanism aimed at empowering the youth of today. Although the youth today is rising to take opportunities to make its voice heard, the information power balance has always been skewed towards the information provider, be it brands, governments, bureaucracy, or content creators. Is there a way to transfer this power to the youth? How can we optimally use technology to give our youth the ability to talk back to the powers that be?

With this thought process, we crafted the vision for MyyTake – “To build a Global Interactive Platform for the Youth”.

We started MyyTake with a very simple purpose. “Let’s make Goodness a way of life.”

Team MyyTake is a combination of high-end technology and content creators. The Board, Management, and Advisory teams consist of world-class business leaders. Along with creators who want to change the narrative and highlight the Goodness around us, we truly believe that together, we can make that much-needed positive change. Our first venture, MyyESG is to Amplify, Impact, and Measure the Goodness of Business. We offer 360-degree ESG solutions to all the stakeholders of the society through Storytelling, Advisory, and Analytics around ESG adoption. The mantra being “Profit from Goodness”.

Our second venture, MyySports is to Democratize Sports by fuelling the sporting ecosystem through technology and investments at the grassroots level. We are building a world-class application for Sports aimed at enabling discovery and nurturing talent at an early stage.

Ultimately, the power must pass into the hands of the youth.
That is MyyTake!
Saurav Banerjee
MD & Founder, MyyTake Group
Our Fun Facts

Over 2500+ work completed
& still counting


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