Digitally Young!

We are a new-media startup that is building next-generation platforms for the digitally young. The team consists of award-winning experts and former CXO’s to provide the perfect blend of content, technology and management experience.

About Us

The team driving MyyTake Group is an alliance of experienced professionals from the media industry, venture capital industry and new age entrepreneurs. The team has over 20 years of experience working with leading brands. ​

MyyTake aims to create a quirky yet credible brand and a group that will foster a culture of creativity and innovation which will lead the way to creating a valuable organization. ​

Our Vision

To build the Next Big Interactive Global Platform for the Youth

The Board

Keyur Patel


Bhaskar Pramanik


Mukesh Butani


Gaurang Gandhi


Saurav Banerjee

Founder & Managing Director

Our Mantra

Keep it Simple

Inspire Creativity

Power of Teamwork

Trust and Truth Always

Work Joyfully