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what is ESG1200px-Peepal_Baba_1ESG-Criterias-1536×696-1-1024×464Video thumbnail for youtube video fdlw_re8iv8Copy of Add a subheading (24)What Is ESG? And Why Does Corporate India Need It?

What Is ESG? And Why Does Corporate India Need It?

Rising temperatures, climate disasters, the Covid-19 pandemic – the daily news cycle serves up constant reminders of how precariously close we all are to the point of no return.  However, as the Covid-19 lockdowns taught us, a healthy and growing economy is also critical for survival. Is there is a middle ground? If we have […]

The story of the man who planted 20 million trees – Peepal Baba

“When you plant a Peepal tree or a Banyan tree, you have done something which will outlast you; it will be there for a thousand years.”  Swami Prem Parivartan, popularly known as Peepal Baba, started his education in a Gurukul and went on to complete his post-graduation in English literature. He has been a Yoga teacher and practitioner during his college years, and his upbringing in ashrams and spiritual organizations gave […]


Being more sustainable in our daily practices is not so complicated if you think about it. A few simple changes might require a little extra effort initially, but once they become part of our routine, it just becomes the way we live our life! Let us look at 7 extremely simple ways by which we can be more sustainable in our daily life.  1) SWITCH OUT SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER BOTTLES WITH […]

Biodiversity Loss: A Threat To Both The Environment And Humanity

BIODIVERSITY LOSS: A THREAT TO BOTH THE ENVIRONMENT AND HUMANITY  “Nobody really knows the exact number of living species, though estimates range from 10 to 15 million. What is certain is that the pace of extinction is growing.”  Does biodiversity and ecosystem degradation really have implications on both the environment and humans? Have you wondered if a small frog going extinct in the rainforest far away from you affects your life? The answer […]