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What Is ESG? And Why Does Corporate India Need It?

Rising temperatures, climate disasters, the Covid-19 pandemic – the daily news cycle serves up constant reminders of how precariously close we all are to the point of no return.  However, as the Covid-19 lockdowns taught us, a healthy and growing economy is also critical for survival. Is there is a middle ground? If we have […]

The story of the man who planted 20 million trees – Peepal Baba

“When you plant a Peepal tree or a Banyan tree, you have done something which will outlast you; it will be there for a thousand years.”  Swami Prem Parivartan, popularly known as Peepal Baba, started his education in a Gurukul and went on to complete his post-graduation in English literature. He has been a Yoga teacher and practitioner during his college years, and his upbringing in ashrams and spiritual organizations gave […]


Being more sustainable in our daily practices is not so complicated if you think about it. A few simple changes might require a little extra effort initially, but once they become part of our routine, it just becomes the way we live our life! Let us look at 7 extremely simple ways by which we can be more sustainable in our daily life.  1) SWITCH OUT SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER BOTTLES WITH […]