Climate Change Myths vs Facts!

Climate Change

MYTH 1. The Earth’s climate has always changed. Yes, climate has changed a lot over Earth’s 4.5-billion years. But the kind of changes that normally happened over thousands of years earlier, are now happening within decades due to more carbon in the atmosphere from human action.

MYTH 2: It’s cold outside. Where’s the Global “Warming”? The earth’s average temperature is increasing, affecting wind patterns and ocean currents, causing floods in some places, droughts in others, heat waves in some, snow storms in others. The heat wave in Canada and the cloud burst in Uttarakhand? Both happened due to global warming.

MYTH 3: It is only a 2°C temperature change. No big deal. When scientists say that the planet is going to get 2°C hotter, they don’t mean that every place on earth is going to be 2°C hotter. The 2°C is an average. So some places could get 15°C hotter, while some could get 10°C colder.

MYTH 4: It’s too late to solve anything. We are late. But if we decide to take action now, it isn’t too late. Even though it took over a decade, the ozone hole did start closing back up from positive human action. So there is still hope for us!

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