ESG Lessons from the Mystic, Kabir I Vipul Rikhi I Harsh Vardhan Jajoo

ESG Lessons from the Mystic, Kabir I Episode 17 I The Culture of ESG

Our outer surroundings and relationships are a reflection of our inner selves. This truth extends to global issues like the climate change and more personal ones, like how we interact with each other in our communities.

External climate change is impossible without ‘Internal Climate Change’.

In this episode our host, Harsh Vardhan Jajoo, chats with the accomplished Vipul Rikhi, Singer, Poet and Storyteller who has put in close to two decades of work understanding and teaching about Kabir, the great mystic poet. The conversation covers leadership, sustainable living and more, through the lens of Kabir’s couplets. Do watch till the end!

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