Global Parli, which has been working in 106 severely drought-prone villages of Parli taluka in Beed district of Maharashtra since 2016, has created an unique opportunity to alleviate farm distress during these days of lockdown.

Founder Mayank Gandhi explains, “While this area has reported very few cases of COVID-19, we are determined to encourage farmers to follow the lockdown rules. Global Parli has created an online registration portal where farmers can register and order saplings online. They don’t have to step out of their homes for any documentation work relating to sapling order. We have automated the whole process and made it cashless and suitable for online operations right from registration to plant selection to document submission to payment.”

“Our ground team has been involved in digital mobilisation. They call each farmer to inform them about the online portal and the registration process. We use our existing databases of farmers to conduct a targeted outreach. Local farmers are also taking initiatives to connect us with more farmers by adding us in their WhatsApp groups and sharing farmer databases developed by local institutions and Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO).”

“This has not only ensured that our operations continue without violating the lockdown but also eased our monitoring activities greatly.”

Global Parli worked with Parli farmers to create 222 crore litres surface water storage capacity in 2018 to mitigate future effects of droughts. In 2019, it helped farmers plant 11.87 lakh fruit trees in farmlands and have already achieved multiplication of income from harvested fruits by at least thirty times. It has now begun to work on setting up marketing channels and processing plants.

Due to the success of previous year’s target and visible increase in income, many farmers from the larger in Marathwada region – Beed, Parbhani, Latur, and Osmanabad districts – want to change their crop to fruits and have been asking Global Parli to come up with a solution for registration and procurement of saplings for the upcoming plantation season.

Gandhi concludes, “We are proud that farmers are themselves taking initiative and coming forward to support us. Now more than ever, we would like to stress that a farmer never loses their hope! They inspire us with their determination and hard work.”