India’s ‘Pad Woman’ Suman

India’s ‘Pad Woman’ Suman : Every year 23 million girls in India stop going to school after they get their periods. Statistics might reduce period poverty or menstrual stigma to standalone issues, but a chat with Suman lays bare that not having a sanitary pad is linked to education, employment and embedded disenfranchised of women and girls. Now known as India’s ‘Pad Woman’, Suman’s journey started small, but her wins were big. A film – Period. End of a sentence – showcasing her work won the Oscar in 2019 and gave her voice and actions a launchpad to change 1000s of lives. Harsh Jajoo, the host of the podcast, ‘Small, Big Wins!, interviewed Suman recently, and here is a small excerpt. Do watch the rest of the episode!

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