Suman: India’s ‘PadWoman’ fighting period poverty

Every year 23 million girls in India stop going to school after they get their periods. While for most of us, this is just a sad statistic, for Suman, this reality was the driving factor of her life’s work. She saw how traditional stigma around menstruation and societal inhibitions came together to impact the health, education, and independence of girls and women in her village. Now known as India’s ‘Pad Woman’, Suman’s journey started small, but her wins were big. A film – Period. The end of a sentence – showcasing her work won the Oscar in 2019 and gave her voice and actions a launchpad to change 1000s of lives. Harsh Jajoo, the host of the podcast, ‘Small, Big Wins!, interviewed Suman recently, and here is a small excerpt to introduce her to you. The whole episode releases tomorrow, so do keep some time aside!

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