From Google to Garbage Disposal

Meet Arun Krishnamurthy the 34-year-old who runs the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI), a nonprofit group that restores freshwater lakes and ponds across India. Krishnamurthy set up the foundation in 2007, the same year he started working as an account associate at Google. Three years later, he quit his job to run EFI full time. Many of India’s water bodies are clogged with waste from plastic bags to construction rubble and often infested with weeds. The EFI team works to clear out the garbage and restore the natural habitats of birds, frogs, and native plants, giving wildlife a chance to return. Over the last 13 years, EFI has carried out restoration work on 112 lakes and ponds.” India’s got a water story to tell,” he says. “The world has to know.”

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