Polluted air is more dangerous than you think

Polluted air harms our health more than
we realize.
Let’s see what steps we can take to
reduce air pollution-
-Go Local – long-distance transport of food,
clothes or any other item causes unnecessary
-Save electricity: most of our electricity comes
from coal-powered thermal power plants which is
major air polluter. Reduce power consumption to
reduce how much coal is burnt!
-Cycle or walk your commute – especially for
short distances, taking your car releases avoidable
emissions. Added bonus of walking is all the
the exercise you get and a short adventure you go on
with yourself every time you choose to walk!
-Give car sharing a go – not only does this save
money, and reduces emissions, but it also is a great
way to socialize.
-Cut down on your meat and dairy intake – the meat
and the dairy industry releases huge amounts of
methane, a harmful GHG into the atmosphere.
Simply cutting down your consumption instead of
cutting it out fully can also have huge benefits.
-Plant more trees: this one is a no-brainer!
-Support Clean Air legislation – those in power
need to know that we demand clean air, support the
-Recycle and Reuse: you would be surprised to
know how much pollution is caused during
production and during the afterlife of everyday
-Mulch or compost garden leaves – dry leaves are
often burnt, but composting them instead reduces
emissions and also nourish your soil.

Together we can create a better environment, safe
for not only for the present generation, but our future
generations to come. Let us act now to ensure a
cleaner present and a happier future.

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