Quarantined? Try ‘Quarancharity’!

Founded by Pri Shewakramani and co-founded by Scherezade Shroff, this initiative offers learning sessions by a line-up of artists; the proceeds are donated to Covid-19 relief.

Albert Camus, in his book, The Plague, said, “The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits.” 

After seventy decades of the publication of that fictional, allegorical plague, in fact 73 years to this day, the words ring maybe truer.

Living lockdown lives, so many of us are desperate to learn something new, do something different. Quarancharity can be your destination. It gives you a tête-à-tête window with your favourite teachers, who offer online sessions in their respective areas of forte via zoom calls. 

From curated cooking classes by the celebrity chef Pablo Naranjo, the head chef at Le 15 Café, to food entrepreneurship lessons by Pooja Dhingra, the celebrity chef, to mobile photography training by Joseph Radhik, one of India’s leading photographer,  the Quarancharity project, since its inception has featured top-notch maestros. 

“All the attendants pay a fee and get access to a particular session. This fee is donated as charity to three NGOs — Goonj, AAC and Habitat for Humanity — who are currently working for Covid-19 relief,” says Pri Shewakramani, the co-founder. 

All it takes is a bit of curiosity, goodwill and money; the learning becomes a philanthropic activity.