Solving the Stubble burning problem | Vidyut Mohan | Earthshot Prize Winner 2021

With India’s smog season becoming a yearly phenomenon, one innovation brings hope! Delhi-based Vidyut Mohan’s Takachar was named the winner of Prince William’s £1 million Earthshot Prize Prize in London. His technology utilizes crop residues, into sellable bio-products at an affordable cost.

Around 1,20,000 Indians died in 2020 due to air pollution, which also led to economic losses worth ₹2 lakh crores, according to a Greenpeace report. Solutions such as Vidyut’s are the only answer to the Climate Crisis.

They need maximum support to be able to make the difference that they have the potential for. Join Takachar’s journey in making smog season a thing of the past!

Footage source: & instagram/1.5degreesoffreedom

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