To the Save of the Bright-Eyed and the Bushy-Tailed

A group of lifeguards in Goa have turned lifesavers for the stray dogs that live around the beaches. The canines, who survive on leftovers and scraps from the shacks and restaurants, unable to make sense of the lockdown and the sudden disappearance of food, were becoming wary and snappish.

Looking at their plight, the lifeguards working for Drishti Marine, a rescue service enterprise, volunteered to feed them. 

“We have been a lifeguard service in Goa for 11 years now. We decided to intervene when the lifeguards informed us that some dogs had even turned violent in hunger. After all, we are trained to rescue animals in distress,” says Divya Sharma, head of brand and culture at Drishti Marine.

“The problem can’t be solved by just feeding the dogs for a few days. You need to feed them daily. Donations poured in. The restaurant chain, Cohiba, offered to provide their kitchen services. Now, we send rice and meat to the cooks and they make a dish out of it. Our lifeguards take the food to the dogs,” she adds.

Twenty days later, the howls, wails and barks of irritability have stopped. The lifeguards are happy to report carefree wagging of tails on deserted sands.